Noble Khan – universal fit in-ear


Introducing the Noble Khan, a new design vision from the Wizard.
Utilizing Tri-Level Hybrid Technology to produce an all conquering sound signature descending from the lineage of the universally loved Kaiser 10 and Encore.

„When we first heard these, they knocked just about every other pair of in-ears out of the park. They deliver an excellent balance of deep, thunderous bass and crisp highs, with the level of definition and clarity that is truly astounding. For the time being, these are the best in-ears available, easily beating out models from … other manufacturers.“  The Master Switch March 29, 2019   (Naming the Khan as the best high-end IEM of the year for 2019.)  „Noble exceeded my expectations with the Khan. Never once did I miss listening to custom while listening to the Khan. Listeners who are looking for a reference caliber musical instrument for listening and want the best of what IEM’s can offer, the Khan will offer you exceptional musicality and that rare experience where all of the sounds are balanced with a live feeling that creates a magical listening experience.“

The Khan features 6 drivers in each black SLA housing. Consisting of 4 Balanced armature drivers, 1 dynamic driver and 1 piezoelectric driver. Stainless steel nozzle ensures durability and comfort.

Industry first, Wizard selected handcrafted M3 composite „Mokume Gane“ faceplate, which results in a unique pattern for every IEM.

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