Headphone Company, Heidelberg/Germany

Headphones, players & Co are a matter of our heart and soul, ie we don't just do them on the side! After 5 years in management at Beyerdynamic, we are Germany sales of first-class brands such as Astell & Kern, Meze, Campfire, ZMF, JH Audio, Noble, Dita, Empire, Custom Art, Abyss and Raal prop. That means we have a lot of experience and know how to judge what is good ... and what is only good marketing.

What can you expect from the Headphone Company?

  • We only make headphones, in-ears (also custom in-ears), hi-res players, headphone amps and cables. Otherwise nothing ... but that's right!
  • We offer a constantly growing selection of excellent products, including established brands - and numerous "hidden champions" (which are particularly close to our hearts). For us, technical data is only half the story. More important is the actual sound experience (what actually depends on all the technology), the feel and materials, the design. After all, we users are not measuring computers ... and a tingling sensation has never been generated by a data sheet.
  • What you can not find with us, we can most likely get you from friendly distributors and dealers. Ask us!
  • We offer you first-class products at great prices ... and great bundles too. If a price exceeds your expectations, use ours Best price request. We try to make you the best offer - directly or through an authorized dealer.
  • We try to offer you as many products as possible Testing at home to offer. So you can compare and select products in peace.
  • We are serious about advice (read our reviews). In our online shop, you can filter very precisely for the product features that are important to you, which are important for you. Or you can use our ratings or the many test reports to which we link. The best thing is to get personal advice: online and or by phone (06221-889211) or even better: visit and in the middle of Heidelberg's old town.