Spirit Torino Titano over-ear headphones


The semi-closed headphone Titano was born at the end of a lengthy analysis of the world of listening through headphones.
Andrea Ricci in this project changes his design approach from the pure research of a faithful sound reproduction, to an acoustically tailor-made product able to adapting to the customer's needs.
The Titano in fact can pass from a My-fi responsible in audiophile key to a reference tool for the sound professional.
An important reasoning has also been devoted to the use of the “Headphone” instrument itself, defining a semi-closed design that allows the enjoyment of the acoustic advantages of an open system while leaking 50% less sound outside the headphone.
This setting allows the user to keep a realistic listening volume without disturbing who is near, and at the same time creates an art of high range background noise action essential to fully appreciate the sound details.

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