Tailor-made - because fit is everything: Custom-made ear tips for your in-ears

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Tailormade Eartips from the Headphone Company

Together with two leading in-ear manufacturers, the Headphone Company has developed Tailormade Eartips, which are custom-made for each ear.

Normal tips down, tailored tips on. One movement, nothing more.

And the result is more than clear:
the bass is crisper and more powerful, the channel separation cleaner and the fine dynamics much more impressive.

Because fit is everything

Compared to over-ears, there is a special feature of in-ears that must be observed:
the right fit in the ear! If you take a look at such a mini-driver for an in-ear, you immediately understand that it needs a soundproof space between the transducer and eardrum to really come into its own. The slightest leak - ergo suboptimal fit - means that the bass and thus the entire sound image collapse. So the Eartips fall one
crucial role, similar to the tires in a Formula 1 car.

But since every ear canal is different: both in length, shape and diameter, one should not hope for the chance hit of the standard tips supplied.

The audiophile test trio have tested our Tailormade Eartips!

In the current magazine / online editions with the big headphone special, the experts judge after they have paid us a visit to test it:

“Our Champions League catapulted the Tailor Made Tips into audiophile heaven, but even simple 100 Euro in-ears benefit immensely from the upgrade. And by the way, the little things finally sit comfortably in the ear and don't fall out. "

The audiophile test trio: Stefan Schickedanz (stereoplay / AUDIO), Wolfgang Hackhausen aka Fidelio (musicalhead.de), Fritz Schwertfeger (fairaudio.de)

How do I go about receiving my custom eartips?

It's a lot easier than it sounds:
simply have impressions made by a hearing care professional nearby (this takes 5 minutes),
Send the prints to the Headphone Company and we'll take care of everything.

For just 75 euros (in a bundle with the purchase of an in-ear from us) you can upgrade virtually any Universal-Fit in-ear to a whole class without losing its advantages (can be used by several people).

More information and photos will follow shortly….


To produce the Tailormade Eartips, the hearing aid acoustician creates an ear impression. Here in the photo you can see specialist Lena-Sofie Theuer from a Frankfurt hearing aid acoustician doing preparatory work.


A model of the ear canal is created on the computer based on the impression, which forms the basis for the custom ear tips. New ones can be reordered later

The fine work is done by hand with the milling cutter and is used to ensure that the custom-made ear tips fit on the respective earpiece. You can even have small bass horns incorporated.


Tailormade_Eartips_Headphone Company (2)

Finished Tailormade Eartip with in-ear