Review: Headphone Camp - Vol. 1 - the headphone event on 12.10.2019

Pleasure for all the senses

In a stylish ambience, a 600-year-old cross vault in the middle of Heidelberg's old town, we were able to welcome our guests to this special event.

Try out and talk shop

We were very pleased with the large number of visitors, the great feedback and the participation of numerous product experts. They all contributed to the fact that this extraordinary headphone event for audiophile fine minds could become a complete success. A new edition is therefore already planned for 2020! Let us surprise you!

World class and full power:
headphones, in-ears, player, amplifier live experience

Our guests – and of course we – had a lot of fun and music enjoyment at this special headphone event, where the „Who is Who“ finest over-ears and the world's best in-ears could be listened to to to their heart's content.

Line-up Headphone Camp Vol.1

Over-Ears: Stax, Focal, Warwick/Sonoma, Mr. Speakers, Meze, ZMF, Abyss, Raal, Audeze, Hifiman, Beyer, Astell & Kern (Koop Beyer), Campfire
In-Ears: InEar, Campfire, 64 Audio, Etymotic, Westone, JH Audio (Jerry Harvey), Empire, Noble, Inearz, Meze, Astell & Kern (Koop Beyer), Astell & Kern (Koop JH Audio), Dita, Custom Art, Earsonics, AAW, Shozy, Radius, Audeze, JH Audio (Jerry Harvey)

Experts Talks

The experts present - all of them product specialists, developers and trade journalists - were also available for an exchange of ideas and were happy to answer questions in detail.

Eared feast and palate feast

To the atmospheric conclusion with craft beer and wine tasting there were all sorts of delicacies.
Our master brewer, the creator of the legendary Astell & Kern beers, presented an exquisite selection of his favourite beers from all over the world in a very entertaining way.

Look forward to the Headphone Camp – Vol. 2 – 2020.

You can find more information about this on our website here!

…stay tuned!


Picture credits:

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We would also like to express our sincere thanks for providing the photographic material:

Denis Sauerborn – – (c) Photos No. 10, 11, 24

Wolfgang Hackhausen – fidelio – – (c) Photos No. 4, 5, 25, 26, 31, 36, 37

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