Campfire Andromeda im Test – von HiFlight Ron Kerling


HiFlight Ron Kerling ist begeistert vom Campfire Andromeda. Lesen Sie den ausführlichen Testbericht in Englisch unten.

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Ron Kerlin (HiFlight)
May 17, 2016

I have owned all of the Campfire Audio IEM’s except for the Lyra and can say at the beginning of my review that the Andromeda is my favorite. To my ears, it delivers a sense of realism that I have not heard in my many previous higher end devices. It is tonally accurate and has very precise vocal and instrumental timbre. I do not notice spikes or dips at any point in the audio frequency spectrum. I find that the presentation is not „in my face‘ but rather I get the impression that I am seated a couple rows back in a live performance.

Build quality is absolutely stunning with the CNC-machined aluminum housing more closely resembling a piece of fine jewelry than an audio component.

The fit is excellent for me, very comfortable and once I found the tips that provided the best seal, they stay in place regardless of my activity. I am particularly impressed with the treble. While quite detailed and pristine, it is never sibilant unless the sibilance is present in the recording.

While the Andromeda performs in a stellar manner with all genre’s of music I have tried, they are intolerant of shortcomings in the recorded material. They reveal exactly what is presented by the source chain and will also display differences in players or amps used upstream.

My only reason for deducting one star is that the memory wire used in the really fine supplied cable makes it rather irksome to get the phones in place while also trying to secure the memory wire over-ear as it tends to rotate in the mmcx socket during placement. I do wish the cable would be offered with the option of a non-memory wire cable.

ALO deserves much credit for bringing such a high-performance device to the crowded high end IEM market!